Polaris is a brand of Elior Italia group, for services on board Trenitalia's Intercity Night.

Leader in Italy in Collective Catering, Elior Italia group serves over 106 million customers a year in our country in more than 2,000 restaurants and outlets through 12,000 employees.

Elior operates in many sectors such as companies, private and public schools, social health, the armed forces and public security, museums, and catering on board the Trenitalia Frecce.

Elior's mission is to take care of its customers and their nutrition in every moment of their life by offering a targeted service for everyone, through quality ingredients, balanced catering solutions, innovative services that make breaks an opportunity to re-establish contact with oneself and with others.

For Elior, quality is a daily commitment made concrete and tangible not only by the choice of local ingredients and the attention offered by the staff, but also by the certifications that are constantly renewed and by the adherence to sustainability protocols, such as the Global Compact, the United Nations program on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Based on these premises, Elior's strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility, Positive Foodprint Plan, was developed, through which we want to create a virtuous circle in the world of catering, from the cultivated field to the table, working in synergy with suppliers, customers, end users and employees.

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